What are dress up games?

Dressing up in different clothes is something that many children do for fun. It’s a way of exploring how to radically alter our appearance with just a few changes. For many of us, the appeal of this doesn’t really go away as we get older. We might spend hours at the mall trying on loads of pairs of jeans before eventually deciding that we only want two or three.Toy makers like Mattel recognized this stuff long ago. It’s the formula around which successful brands like Barbie and Bratz are built. And it isn’t just girls who are in on the dress-up action. When it’s a special occasion, like Hallowe’en or Comic Con, we can all be persuaded to put some effort into what we wear.Video games provide a convenient and simple way to play at dressing up. A digital wardrobe can have as many different outfits inside as there are combinations of pixels available. Some of them might be sensible and straightforward; others might be so out-there they couldn’t possibly exist in the real world.In recent years, the makeover genre has exploded in popularity. These are games that allow the player to dress their character in every combination of clothes possible. You might go for something Gothic, with lots of black, or something bright and eye-catching. The appeal of these games lies in the fact that anything is possible – but that doesn’t meant that everything will look good! As the player, you’ll need to use your judgement to avoid a fashion faux pas. These HTML5 games allow you to pay dress-up from wherever you are in the world, on any device that’s connected to the internet via a HTML5-enabled web browser. They’re free to play and completely unblocked, meaning that everyone will be able to enjoy them!

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