What are board games?

Some of the most popular games in the world take advantage of a playing surface. Sometimes, the game in question is so complex that you need a board in front of you to keep track of everything – imagine trying to play Monopoly or chess in your head! Sometimes, the playing surface itself serves a crucial function: the balls in a game of pool or snooker need to have something to roll about on, after all.Many of the most compelling video games are straight copies of real-world board-game classics. Digital versions of these games make things a great deal more convenient to set up and pack away, and there’s no chance that any of the pieces will go missing between bouts. And, you can play these wherever in the world you are – even if you’re on the bus or train, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.Of course, the digital version of a board game can do some things that a real board game couldn’t. This means that you’ll get new features and special twists, even if you’re familiar with the classic rules. What’s more, if you’re not familiar with a particular board game, you won’t have to spend much time leafing through a hefty rulebook: on-screen instructions help to make the learning curve easier.Our range of HTML5 board games is diverse enough to please just about everyone. They’re each unblocked and free to play, and they’ll work on just about every browser and device. Included here are card games like Solitaire, as well as replica slot machines and other casino favourites. If you’re looking to play a few rounds of a particular favourite, then take a look; you'll probably find it here!

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